Get the insurance!

Do you like buying insurance? I didn’t think so, me neither. It seems like we just pay and pay. It’s a good thing that fear is very scary, and makes people do lots of crazy things like pay money to stop feeling scared. Life insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, auto insurance, fire insurance, earthquake insurance, disability insurance, and let’s not forget cell phone insurance!

Cracked phone

Do I take the insurance and pay \300/month for 24 months, or do I keep my \7,200 and save it? Well, I took the insurance and walked out with my brand new Sony Xperia Z2. Sweet happy day.  Sixteen months later, I dropped it!

Thank goodness, I got the insurance! I was so happy and thankful!  So, my husband and I happily drive to our local Docomo store where we were told that I had to pay a \3,000 replacement fee. 0_o.  Feeling so so happy and a little thankful, I get my new phone. Then, next to me, is an advertisement for the new Sony Xperia Z4! And, guess what? The Sony Xperia Z2 is now free!  Oh, I’m so, so glad I got the insurance. =(


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